Skruf Super White no. 54 Fresh Mint Xtra

Skruf Super White Slim Fresh Strong # 4 All White has a fresh taste of green mint. Skruf Super White contains no tobacco, but vegetable fiber.


Skruf Super White Slim Fresh is a strong nicotine pouch with a dry and discreet design that you can use anytime - just put it under your lip! 

The Slim Fresh is a modern classic in the new all-white segment, offering a distinct mint and menthol flavor while delivering long-lasting nicotine delivery. 

The all-white segment is a new way of consuming nicotine. The portions are chalk white so they won't stain your teeth and you can use them anytime.

#The number 3 represents the second highest nicotine level on a scale of 1 to 4. So if you're already experienced with pouches, this is probably the perfect solution! 



Nicotine pouches in a variety of flavors for a fresh and fruity experience, at 6mg per pouch. Skruf tasting pack, ideal to discover the nicopods!


White Extreme Cool! A strong and balanced blend of peppermint and coolness. The typical taste of peppermint mixed with coolness offers an intense taste experience.

Skruf Super White slim and discreet nicotine pouches from the all-white segment offer you a long-lasting release of nicotine and flavor. Simply slide it under your lip and let the kick take effect! 

Ace's Pouches are served in a cylindrical tin that's super easy to open. 

If you like the SKRUF Super White series. Then you should definitely try the other flavors Eucalyptus and Cool Mint.